Signing Up

How do I join Kempus? 

To create an account, you'll need to verify your school email to join Kempus. 

Why do I have to verify my school email?

Our core policy for Kempus is to build and maintain a community of verified students. School emails are the best way for us to verify the student status of users. So, we require users to verify that they are the owner of a school email address ending with a “.edu” domain from their school. 

I didn't receive any OTP for email verification. 

Make sure you check your spam folder. If you still can’t find the OTP (one-time password), email us at help@kempus.com 

It says my school is currently on the waitlist. What is the waitlist? 

All schools are by default on the waitlist. Kempus services are unlocked when each school meets certain criteria and more than 50 users sign up. 

We are trying our best to open our platform to every school located in the United States. More schools will be available based on requests made through user sign-ups. You will receive an email when your school opens up on Kempus! 

Community Standards 

How do I report content? 

Select the three-dot icon (• • •) on the post or comment you wish to report. Choose the option to Flag Content and provide a reason. You can always reference our Community Guidelines when reporting content. 

How does Kempus moderate the community? 

Kempus is in part a self-moderating community. Posts are automatically removed based on the flags received. Please note that every flag is weighed differently based on its category. A specific number of flags is not the sole criteria for removal of content.

Repeat offenses and severe violations can lead to a permanent restriction. 

Can other users see my identity? 

No. The only information that we require is the user's school email, degree, major and class year.

All email addresses are hashed, sorted and then encrypted. Kempus accounts are stored separately from the hashed email addresses. This means that a user’s activity cannot be traced to an email. 

The user's degree, major and class year can be opened to the public by the user, but you can always hide them by editing in My Profile.

Real names are never connected to accounts because we don’t ask for this information. We automatically generate nicknames for all users so that users can communicate anonymously with others.

If your school monitors school email accounts, it’s possible for them to find out whether or not you requested a verification code. 

However, receiving a verification code does not mean that you have an account with us. There are additional steps that must be taken to set up an account. Once an account is set up, we never send out a confirmation email.

Course Review 

I noticed incorrect instructor or school information, how can I correct it? 

We all make mistakes! To report an error, please go to the professor or school page that requires a correction and click “Submit a Correction.”

Fill out the form with the issue and correct information, then click submit. 

Will my instructor know that I have rated them? 

Nope! We don't display any of your personal information anywhere on the site.

While all comments are posted anonymously, we can’t guarantee that an instructor will not be able to identify you by the details you include. 

We strongly encourage everyone to write constructive comments without including any identifying information about yourself or others. 

If our online moderators determine the comment could identify you or anyone else, the post will be removed. 

Account Management

How do I change my nickname? 

Usernames can be updated from the app by going to My Page > Edit > Nickname. If you are using the website, go to your profile page to make edits. You can change your nickname once per month. 

How do I change my password? 

Passwords can only be updated on the app. Go to My Page > Settings > Change Password.

How do I delete my account? 

Email us at help@kempus.com. Please provide your username when you submit your request.

If your school is blocking incoming or outgoing messages to Kempus, you can write to us from your personal email address. 

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