Community Guidelines

Private Information

We do not condone any attempts to guess at or reveal the identities of other individuals. Revealing personally identifiable information (including but not limited to a person’s name, contact information, address or whereabouts) of anyone is unacceptable. 

Hate Speech

We do not permit hate speech and discrimination. Hate speech refers to content that promotes violence against people or has the primary purpose of inciting hostility against others based on certain attributes. These attributes may include but are not limited to ethnicity, religion, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity.


Impersonating others, whether through usernames or content, is unacceptable behavior.


We ask that you do not post the same content multiple times. We also do not condone promoting or selling on our platform. This may include services, products and animals. Propaganda should be flagged, as well as any posts that merely push out opinions and ideas without eliciting a constructive discussion.

Inappropriate Content

Do not post pornography, explicitly sexual content, overly obscene text or images.

Do not promote or solicit illegal activities.

Do not indicate a desire to commit violence.

Dishonest Review

Be honest in your reviews.

Reviews should be based only on matters within your own experience. Please avoid hearsay. 

Reviews should focus on the course and your learning experience, rather than on your emotions.

We only allow one student to review a professor one time per course.

Note: Kempus reserves the right to remove reviews that do not contain substantive information.

Prohibited Content

Comments on a professor’s appearance, dress, age, gender or race.

Identifiable information about a professor or student that would allow someone to contact the professor/student outside of their school;

References to a professor’s or student’s family, personal life and/or sex life, including sexual innuendos;

Claims about a professor’s employment status, including previous employment;

Claims that a professor or student engages or has engaged in illegal activities;

Accusations that the professor is rating him/herself or his/her colleagues;

Note: If you see any content that violates our “Community Guidelines”, please flag it for removal. 

Users who offend “Community Guidelines” will be temporarily restricted from our service.

Repeat offenders will be permanently banned from using our service. 

Every user is an important member of the community. Please take responsibility for your actions and words.

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